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About Us

About The Department

Information, Public Relations and Languages Department's main aim is to earn public understanding and acceptance of policies and programmes of Government and convey the message that Government's is serving for the welfare of people and for all round development of the state. It is to make the people aware about the welfare schemes of the government so that the benefits percolate down to the grassroot level.

About Film Section

Audio-visual effect has assumed great prominence in the modern sophisticated publicity media. Film is a powerful audio-visual media which is very often used to reinforce what has appeared in the Press. This medium renders a helping hand in publicizing new trends, innovative and novel projects of an organization efficiently, instantaneously and effectively. The Film Section of the Department is headed by a Film Officer who is assisted by Television-cum-Video Film Officer, Cameramen, Cine Script Writer, Light Men and other technical members. Some important functions of the Film Section are to produce periodical newsreels on important happenings and events of the State in socio-economic and political fields besides projecting a vivid picture of history, art and culture of Haryana. The Section also produces documentaries on important developments and provides news-clips to Doordarshan. It liaises with the Film Division of the Government of India to provide features to Doordarshan Kendras and assists the Press Section with film coverage of important events. It also liaises with the Press and Field Sections to purchase and distribute feature films for the field cinema units working under the control of the District Public Relations Officers.

Some Important Points to be taken care of :

For Newsreels

  • Keep in touch with the Press Section - you will get to know what functions or places of interest you have to cover.

  • Visit the site to be covered and research your positioning of camera and light, power supply, standby sources of power, the positioning of VIPs and the audience much in advance of the function.

  • Get to know security requirements and comply with them carefully.

  • Remember to record audience reactions and not concentrate on celebrities alone.

  • Record audio-visual pictures, live sounds like speeches and music etc.

  • Release your newsreel quickly. Don't forget that the Press, Radio and TV are competing with you. They are quicker too. So, your newsreel must be produced quickly and it must say things differently and better than the Press, TV or Radio.

For Documentaries

  • First of all research your subject thoroughly.

  • Start only when you have a complete shooting script-the audio and the visual.

  • Scout your locations in advance.

  • Use actual voices and interviews and avoid a monotonous commentary.

  • Juxtaposition of shots and scenes should be done in such a way that the final film does not appear monotonous, but remains interest-catching. If necessary, help of animation-effects be sought to explain the idea.

  • Alternate a male and female voice in commentary for added effect.

  • Produce documentaries highlighting success stories.

  • Produce documentaries on relevant themes.

Film should not only be entertaining, but should also be educative, instructive and informative. It is easy to take the easy way out and succumb to pressure from the field and only circulate entertaining films. Complete records regarding availability, circulation, audience, print-condition and other pertinent facts should be maintained.

Liaison with TV

Film Section must liaise closely with Doordarshan and the Press Section and ensure that it supplies good visuals and occasional features to Doordarshan regularly. It must, therefore, develop a journalistic instinct for separating what makes news from what merely makes noise.

Apply for Film Shooting permission/ Subsidy/Grants under Haryana Film and Entertainment Policy